Homeschool Rescue

Breathe New Life into Your Homeschool

You are 60 days away from a happier, more organized homeschool.

What did you imagine homeschooling would look like for you?

I bet you thought you had this whole homeschooling thing in the bag. You started homeschooling with the best intentions. You researched curriculum and bought the best programs you could get for your money. You invested in books, in craft supplies, in co-op classes and after-school activities. 

You expected it to be challenging, but not this challenging.

  • You didn’t expect to lay awake at night worrying about whether or not you were doing enough. 

  • You didn’t expect to feel like you were drowning in papers and school supplies and projects that never seem to be put away. 

  • You didn’t expect to hate the curriculum you bought just a few months ago.

  • You didn’t expect to feel this overwhelmed and this tired at the end of the day. 

Homeschool Rescue is the "Reset Button" you need.

Join us in Homeschool Rescue and breathe new life into your homeschool.

Registration for our 60 day online course opens mid-May! Take the course with the support of other homeschooling moms, or work on the content at your on pace. The choice is yours.